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Multi-Location Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your marketing performance through our Centermark reporting platform

Location Level Franchise Reporting

Franchises and multi-location businesses are presented with a unique challenge when it comes to reporting for their online marketing. With multi-location reporting through Enspire for Enterprise’s Centermark dashboard, you can leverage your data to make online marketing decisions for your franchise locations.

Location Data Through Centermark Reporting

Enspire for Enterprise provides multi-location reporting from our Centermark dashboard that displays location-level data for website traffic, phone leads, local listings, Facebook ads, SEO, PPC, and more, and also presents the data in a corporate view that provides a summarized rollup for the entire franchise. The performance insights accessible through our Centermark reporting platform include corporate and local level reporting. Corporate level reporting provides summary view lists of all of your reports, and new reports are added monthly to continuously meet the needs of your franchise. Local level reporting gives you a quick summary of your web visits and leads over the last 30 days, as well as lead trends over the last three months. The ads overview report allows you to track your ad campaign and see how lead volume is trending month-over-month. Monthly local reports are provided through mobile and email dashboards.