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Meet Our Leadership Team

We believe we can join forces and combine our collective experience to help our clients achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Together we can deliver bold and beautiful solutions that make franchise, multi-location, and networked businesses even better.

Denise Lynch, President, Enspire for Enterprise

Denise Lynch

President, Enspire for Enterprise

With over 20 years of experience in executive leadership, Denise joined Enspire for Enterprise in 2016 as our President. She brings deep experience in improving profitability and building market share. She champions business strategies that are focused on moments that matter, differentiating the customer experience in order to create a competitive advantage. She believes in honoring a business’s history while building new capabilities to grow market share. To achieve new levels of performance, she becomes a catalyst for innovation, creating an environment for her team to take risks and solve complex problems, while always keeping the customer at the center.

Michele Brevig VP, Client Services, Enspire for Enterprise

Michele Brevig

Vice President, Client Services

Michele joined Enspire for Enterprise in 2010 with the task of building out the National Client Service department from the ground up. Michele has worked in marketing and client services for over 30 years. Before joining Enspire for Enterprise, she was with a Membership Marketing and Fulfillment company for 23 years in Illinois. She began her career working as an Associate Account Manager with membership companies such as NRA, NWF, Publishers Clearing House and quickly fell in love with building relationships and working to provide excellent service and support to clients.

David Grimard-Keita Manager, Analytics and Reporting, Enspire for Enterprise

David Grimard-Keita

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

David joined Enspire in 2019 and quickly was tasked with building up our new Finance & Analytics team. He graduated from HEC Montreal and worked in multiple digital marketing companies over the years, always in close collaboration with operational, product, sales, and technology teams. He believes in breaking down silos and solving problems collaboratively. To him, Finance is not just about crunching numbers, it’s about advising the business and adding real value.
Allison Townsend,VP, Sales & Marketing, Enspire for Enterprise

Allison Townsend

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Allison has more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing space. She’s been with the company since 2005 and has a true passion for helping clients solve their business challenges. An Atlanta native, She attended Georgia State and began her career in B2B sales. She moved into Client Services leadership until 2010, when she accepted a challenge to launch a “Premium Services” division, focused on product initiatives like introducing brand new scalable social solutions for businesses and carving out a digital marketing product for franchises.

Aparna Kriplani, VP, Technology

Aparna Kriplani

Vice President, Technology

Aparna earned her Bachelor’s in Computer Science and MBA from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. She’s worked with the company for over 16 years, beginning as a junior software engineer and working her way up from there. She has worked on numerous technology projects, products, and teams throughout her career and is an impressive technical leader with a proven track record for success. She’s passionate about solving client concerns with creative engineering solutions and rock-solid products. She believes in leading with a smile.

Our Mission is Driven by Our Values

Our values guide us every day to foster a culture of continuous evolution sustained by thought leadership.

  1. Contagious Optimism – We persist, we are resilient, and we strive to always Enspire those around us.
  2. Teamwork – Our team brings their “a” game every day, applying their unique skills, experience, and capabilities to positively contribute to your success.
  3. Innovation – We believe in challenging the present and creating the future through innovation and creativity of product, process, and people.
  4. Community – We believe in and create an environment where employees can think big, have fun, and do great.
  5. Enspire – We expect the best, motivating ourselves and our teams to learn more, do more, and become more. Our commitment is to exist as a destination for clients and employees as an innovative market leader delivering solutions that allow our clients to excel.