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Capital i Website Launch

We had another successful website launch today, this time for Capital i, Capital i is a Healthcare Technology Management (HTM), Medical Supply Chain, and Medical Facilities solution company. Being a newer startup tech company, they needed a website platform that would support their immediate goals of talent acquisition and lead generation, as well as being able to scale as their company expands and its needs evolve. To meet those goals, Enspire for Enterprise designed and developed a bespoke WordPress website with a custom modular page builder which allows great amounts of flexibility in their page layouts. This means that they can easily modify pages to fit their content as opposed to wedging content into rigid page templates. They also have an intuitive job board manager where they can quickly post new career opportunities, along with all the essentials such as a visual form builder and on-site SEO tools and settings.

Many of our talented engineers and website experts assisted with this amazing launch and we want to recognize all of the hard work that went into it. As a website is never “done,” Enspire for Enterprise will continue to support Capital i with ongoing maintenance and security updates to the WordPress platform, uptime monitoring, daily backups, and periodic performance evaluations using Google Core Vitals assessments. Another pleased client that we partner with for success!

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