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Enspire for Enterprise Employees Raise Money for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in a Virtual Art Auction

Enspire for Enterprise Art Auction was hosted on March 31, 2021 at 7 pm EST for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance Month.

The auction included art pieces donated by local artists and for those who didn’t want to buy artwork were given the option to donate.

All proceeds went to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to fund research projects that help doctors and medical professionals catch the disease in the early stages. Our goal was not only adding art in someone’s life but helping those with Colorectal Cancer add some light in theirs.

We at Enspire for Enterprise are proud to announce that we have raised over $1000.

At Enspire we choose a charity on a quarterly basis that’s meaningful to our employees and everyone including friends and family can donate to.

If you would like to donate or to learn more, visit


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