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The Importance of Content & Copywriting Part II

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Content is the driving force behind all successful digital marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and social media marketing (SMM). – Forbes

In Part I of The Importance of Content & Copywriting series, we distinguished the differences between copy and content. In Part II, I am going to break the fourth wall, so-to-speak, and reveal myself to discuss the true significance of copy and content in your digital marketing strategy, why you need both, and why it’s ok to ask for help.

Now that you know the difference between copy and content writing, how do you know when to use them? I will answer that question with another question:

What are your immediate goals?

Do you want to capture leads and drive sales? You need copy to achieve that.

Do you want to build your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader? You need content.

What you’ll discover, is that you achieve more with both.

Great content serves to introduce readers to your brand. It establishes your reliability, builds trust in your business, and when done properly, delivers on a promise. Great copy encourages action like filling out a lead form or picking up the phone.

Let’s try this example on for size:

You own a business that makes and sells artisanal pickles. Let’s call it Mama May’s Pickles. Your website highlights all the products you offer and discusses your business story. To get more traffic to your website, you write a monthly blog about relevant aspects of the pickling world. Your posting schedule may look a little something like this:

  • January: You discuss how you harvest the vegetables that you pickle
  • February: You share the best way your readers can make their own pickles at home
  • March: You provide a tutorial on proper canning techniques
  • April: You share a recipe for Mama May’s award winning cheddar pickle bread

Now, it’s crucial that you know your stuff and that all of those recipes and tutorials work. As a result, you prove repeatedly that you care about your readers and what interests them. You provide helpful, relevant information on a regular basis that your audience wants to read. You know about great pickles, and you are the resource they trust!

That’s wonderful, but you also want them to buy your pickles.

This is where great copy comes in to seal the deal.

You make sure that your informative blogs also include short but direct calls to action that encourage readers to buy your pickles. You send out emails to your readers with exclusive offers and actionable information to boost sales. You put ads on Facebook that highlight special deals or new pickle products.

When people see Mama May’s Pickles, they know those are some darn great pickles and they want to buy your pickles. Success!

Both copywriting and content writing are important for a successful marketing strategy. Don’t worry, we’ll dive into that later in the article. Great writing is the foundation of both copywriting and content writing. – Neil Patel

Remember, it’s ok to ask for help.

I am a copywriter. And I love words. I am not ashamed to admit it.

This love of words shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if you read Part I of this series and my insistence upon discussing homographs—I’m sorry but also not sorry.

I love the endless possibilities of weaving words together to convey a particular meaning. I love the simplicity, the complexity, the nuance.

I love the way that different words have the ability to draw forth different emotions. Think about the word cheap verses the word affordable. Arguably, these words are synonyms, but they connote different feelings. Cheap often indicates inferior quality while affordable implies a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

My soliloquy on words could go on and on, but don’t worry, I will cut it short.

When it comes to crafting pithy copy or creating valuable content, words matter.

Not everyone has the desire, time, or ability to write for their business. And that’s ok.

Enspire for Enterprise bakes rich and relevant content into your SEO campaign strategy. You also have the option of choosing from our a la carte copy and content writing services for one-off or regular requests, such as web pages, blog posts, press releases, and even Facebook ads.

Now here is my promised CTA at the end of my informative blog: Turn to Enspire for Enterprise when you need great copy or content to enliven your digital marketing strategy.

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