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Illustration of a Man Sitting at a Laptop with a Confused Expression and an Angrily Squiggled Thought Bubble Above His Head

Issues That Cause People to Leave Your Website

At a Glance The top 9 reasons that a visitor will leave your website are: Slow loading speed A poor mobile experience A busy or overwhelming layout Confusing navigation Automatically playing multimedia Missing or confusing calls to action

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Franchise Website Design: When Form Meets Function

Enspire for Enterprise’s very own Michael Davis, project manager for all of our website builds, shared some of his valuable insights with me—and he never told me not to tell, so I am spilling the tea. I asked him about his standards and best

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Animation of health and exercise-related icons, “Fitness and Healthy Diet,” “Take Care of Your Body and Health” in the middle

Revamp Your Health and Fitness Websites

Make sure your brand is seen by the right people and stands out in a sea of competitors with a website that hits all the right notes! A high-quality website is especially needed for health and fitness websites, where people are constantly looking for

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3 Often Overlooked Elements of a Bangin’ Website Design

When someone visits your website, you want them to stay a while. How to go about this depends on your business and brand image. Perhaps you opt for a warm and cozy aesthetic, or a simple and minimalistic experience, or something that’s vibrant and

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