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Why Online Marketing is Especially Important for Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Conceptual illustration portraying a masked figure marketing during a pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home, it is more important than ever for small businesses to reach their customers where they are. Not only are there less opportunities for businesses to reach customers and potential customers on the streets or in their stores, but customers are also behaving differently when they do make purchases or hire services. Enspire for Enterprise is here to help our clients with SEO for small business owners, along with other online marketing strategies, so that they can remain successful during the pandemic and beyond.

Search Engine Optimization

Within the last 10 months, searches for companies offering delivery, curbside pickup, and other COVID-related inquiries have gone up. If your company offers services that have been adapted to the pandemic, or if you sell products like PPE, sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol, you should be pursuing an SEO strategy that has been adjusted for this. If your brand is not doing this, your competitors certainly are, which means you are missing out on business.

Social Media Marketing

People are on social media more during the pandemic, so social media ads on platforms like Facebook are an effective way of reaching them. It is important to be tactful and adhere to each platform’s advertising policies when it comes to COVID-19, which is why hiring an expert who is familiar with best strategies and policies is beneficial.

Man in a Dress Shirt Typing on a Laptop that Shows a Graph with Search Engine Optimization Data

SEO for small business owners and social media marketing are just a couple of the online marketing services that Enspire for Enterprise offers to help you succeed. Enlisting professionals to assist your company during the pandemic and beyond as the world starts to return to normal will help your brand stay at the top of consumers’ minds.