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Franchise Branding: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to the success of your franchise, franchise brand development is a crucial component. It is important to make sure this is done properly, because while you want the franchise itself to be profitable and have positive recognition, franchisees must maintain consistent branding while also conducting business in a way that does not harm the franchise. This leads to a very big goal for franchises: creating a cohesive marketing strategy that helps the franchise grow while also helping the individual franchisees drive more business.

How does brand recognition fit into my marketing strategy?

When it comes to a franchise’s assets, brand recognition is one of the most important ones in their arsenal. Not only does a franchise’s brand help to build consumer trust and drive business, but it can also attract more franchisees. The franchise business model essentially involves three parties: the corporate franchise owner, the individual franchisee owners, and the customers of the franchisees. So how can consistency that protects the brand be ensured across all channels?

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Build a great company culture

Before franchisees get customers, the franchise must attract franchisees. This is done by developing a company culture that is positive, supportive, and productive. Develop company values, welcome feedback from franchisees, and encourage collaboration to build an environment that potential franchisees will want to be a part of.

Develop consistent brand management

It is important to not only develop a great brand – from your actual logo and colors that visually represent your brand to your voice and tone in marketing – but to enforce adherence to it by all of your franchisees. Once all of your brand assets have been developed, you will want them all to be in one designated place where all of your franchisees have access to them, and your corporate team can quickly make any updates that are immediately distributed. Brand management software is a great option for storing all of these assets in the cloud so that everyone has immediate, convenient access to it.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

In line with consistent branding is consistency in goals, marketing strategies, business practices, and more. Your brand management software is a great place to store guides for all of these things, but the next step is implementation. The corporate franchise needs to continually make sure their franchisees are in compliance with all of your branding assets, operating procedures, quality of products and services, and more.

These three considerations are just the beginning of your franchise brand development, but they will lay the groundwork for building a successful franchise. Enspire for Enterprise provides expert services that are tailored to franchise organizations, giving them the support they need when it comes to consistency in branding and websites, paid advertising, and developing online content.