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Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?

Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?

First impressions are key to luring in your customer. If you want your target audience to learn more about how your business can help them, effective and affective content will keep your customer hooked. Not only should you rely on words to keep your customer reading on, but websites for franchises should also provide a good user experience, as well as a well-thought-out website design. During the pandemic especially, business websites can make or break your customer’s responsiveness. If your business has a website that is slow, out-of-date, hard to navigate and lacks good content, your potential customer won’t believe in what you’re selling nearly as much as if you had an SEO-focused, modernized website. In this article, we will take a look at what steps can be taken to improve brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversions.

What Makes a Good Website?

  • SSL

Your website should have options to submit forms such as name, address, and phone number to help with geotargeting. However, even with this basic information, hackers may intercept your forms. By purchasing an SSL, you and your customers will be relieved to know they are submitting secured information.

  • Layout

Your website layout should be intuitive and easy to navigate for visitors to convert into customers. If your website layout has too much noise and options, visitors may become overwhelmed by choices. Clarity and good design combat this issue by giving your target audience a good idea of how your business can help them.

  • Meta Information

The meta description should summarize what your business is about while also prompting the potential customer to take action. Good practices and knowledge make or break your meta description. You can only have 160 characters for your meta description, and to help boost your SEO, you need unique content that accurately describes the page.

  • Alt Tags

An alt tag, or alternative description, typically accompanies a product photo. This alt description serves as an SEO boost by giving the text alternative to a search engine. Alt tags should specifically describe what is going on in the photo and what it looks like.

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