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Making Geofence Marketing Work for Your Business

An illustration of a man plotting business locations on a map

Geofencing is a form of location-based marketing that triggers an event when potential customers enter or exit a defined physical space. This marketing strategy allows businesses to reach people within the immediate vicinity of their establishment or within the immediate vicinity of their competitors’ establishments, and serve them an ad on their mobile device that entices them to buy a product or use a service from their business. Almost all consumers are now carrying smartphones, so this marketing strategy is an effective way to get in front of them.

There are several different location-tracking methods that can be utilized to track consumers’ locations, and the information used to do so if often given freely by the consumer. This can include using Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connections, and GPS data that is tethered to mobile devices.

How Can Geofence Marketing Work For Me?

The geofence marketing strategy process will look like this:

  1. The business creates the advertisement: Create the mobile display ad that will accompany the geofencing strategy.
  2. Consumers enter the advertising perimeter: When smartphone users enter the physical perimeter that the business has established, they will be added to the advertising audience.
  3. Ads are served to the audience: Once a smartphone user becomes a part of the target audience, mobile display ads will be served to their mobile device.
  4. The business creates a geofence: Determine what the digital barrier around the business location – or the competition’s – will be.

Geofencing ads can appear on a user’s mobile device in a variety of formats, including social media ads, push notifications, display ads, and display banners in mobile apps. The location where these ads will appear on a user’s device will vary based on the intended audience’s behavior, and your Enspire for Enterprise specialist will help determine the best place to serve these ads, as well as the perimeter to target and the best creative to use in the ad.