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Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile is Crucial for Google Maps Marketing

An illustration with two figures rearranging components on a Google my business page

Google Maps is a powerful tool that almost every mobile device user utilizes to guide them to various locations and find information about those locations. A well-executed Google Maps marketing strategy will not only help a business rank higher on Google Maps, but also place higher on Google’s search engine results page for relevant inquiries about local businesses. 

Types of Google Maps Search Results

There are different types of search results that appear on Google Maps:


This Google Maps search result is based on the physical location of the user. When a search inquiry is performed, the results will be based on the user’s proximity to each of the results, with the closest one appearing at the top of the list.


When a user does not have their location enabled on their phone, Google Maps will provide them with “ranked” results after they submit an inquiry. Google will rank these results based on a number of factors, including ratings and Google My Business information. It is imperative that businesses fill out their Google My Business profile as thoroughly and accurately as possible, because poorer profiles will be placed lower on the search engine results page. 

An Enspire for Enterprise specialist can help you ensure your Google My Business listing is properly set up, from verifying your business to soliciting reviews and adding optimized photos. A Google My Business listing is free, so every business should make sure they are claiming their business, properly filling out their profile, and taking steps to optimize it as much as possible.  


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