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Understand What Your Customer Base Looks for in a Website

Conceptual Illustration of a Man and Woman in Front of a Life-Sized Computer Monitor with Windows Popping out in Front of It

With so many websites competing for the attention of users on the internet, it is no longer enough to just have a website. The website must also be high quality, user friendly, and informative. Enspire For Enterprise builds websites for franchises that check all of these boxes, in addition to being easily updated across all franchise locations by using brand-specific templates.

High quality: If a potential customer performs an online search inquiry for a service or product that your company offers and finds your business through that web search, your website is most likely the first thing they are going to see. You want your website to accurately convey the voice and values of your company while being attractive and welcoming.

User friendly: If an internet user comes across your website and has to sit for an extended period of time while the site loads, or they are instantly bombarded by overbearing popups, they are going to quickly leave your website and likely never return, which could mean missed business for you. Websites should load quickly – both on desktop and mobile – and be easy to navigate. They also should not overuse popups such as those that advertise a special, ask the visitor to join an email list, or invite them to chat with a representative.

Informative: If a potential customer has made it to your website, they have a reason for visiting. They may want to know about your products or services, get more information about your prices, or get in touch with your company. If they are unable to find the information that they are looking for, they will go elsewhere.

  • Blogs: Another component of an informative website, many website visitors find blog content to be useful. Blogs are a less informal way to speak to your customers while still providing them with helpful information about your business and your products or services, and as an added bonus, they can positively contribute to your website’s SEO.
  • Social Media Links: Many website visitors also want to become familiar with your social media profiles so that they can get a better idea of your company’s voice. Easily located links to your social media profiles will make it easy for website visitors to find them, and possibly even follow your company, which helps to reinforce your brand.

Attractive, user friendly, and informative websites for franchises will help your business attract website visitors, keep website visitors, and also lead to more conversions. The specialists at Enspire For Enterprise have the skills and knowledge to create sites that fit all of the necessary criteria so that your business can put your best foot forward online.