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What You Need to Know: Auto Repair Marketing & COVID-19 in 2021

Auto Repair Marketing

As a member of the auto repair industry, you have remained essential throughout this past year. Even as many workers went remote, travel stalled, and vehicle use decreased, people still needed to have their automobiles serviced and repaired.

The presence of the Covid-19 vaccine leaves many breathing a sigh of relief. Throughout the United States, everyone 16 and older is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine by or before May 1st. While eligibility does not mean that everyone will immediately become vaccinated, this opportunity brings us one step closer to what many hope will be a “return to normal”. The reality is that instead of returning to normal, businesses must continue moving forward. We have to accept the necessity to continue adapting and evolving along with a way of life that has been altered. For starters, the stress and fear that has overwhelmed so many people for the past year+ will not simply dissipate. Furthermore, your auto repair shop will need to be prepared for business to ramp up even more while still operating under many of the same precautions you adopted to keep your employees and customers safe.

For these reasons, it remains important that you communicate clearly to your customers through effective auto repair marketing strategies. As we move forward, let them know that you are here to continue providing your services with their best interest in mind. People are still stressed. Thinking about maintenance for their vehicle may not necessarily be top of mind. Through your marketing efforts, you can ensure your potential customers are reminded of the necessity of automobile service and repairs.

Keep customers informed about the value maintenance plays in preventing costly repairs in the future.

There are going to be many people who continue working from home because certain businesses discovered that working remotely works for them. There will continue to be less people commuting to work, but that does not mean that they will not need their vehicles. Grocery shopping, running errands, and doctors’ appointments are some of the activities that never stop. Even if they are using their vehicle less, it is not good for it to remain sitting in their driveway or garage without being run on a regular basis. You can leverage social media or email marketing to offer reminders on routine maintenance.

Turn your marketing efforts towards commercial auto repair.

If your auto repair shop has the ability to services commercial vehicles, delivery vans, or cargo trucks, then make sure that is a prominent part of your marketing strategy. If you have the ability to begin adding that service, then consider making a change.

Inform people about what you are doing to keep your customers and your staff safe.

As more states open up, travel is going to increase. Requirements for businesses are different in every state, so you should be aware of what the mandates are in your area and use that within your marketing efforts. Regardless, you want to ensure that all of your customers feel comfortable and safe. Continue to communicate that you offer contactless services and that you keep your facility clean and sanitized. You may want to continue or begin to offer mobile services for those who still need to remain at home or are wary of venturing out.

As an auto repair business, you are an important part of the community. We encourage you to remain uplifting in your messaging and to allow your marketing efforts to be steeped in optimism. Turn to Enspire For Enterprise for auto repair marketing services customized to your needs.