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When to Run a Franchise Development Campaign?

Illustration of a franchise owner sitting on his shop and thinking while a potential franchisee approaches.

March 2, 2023. June 13, 2025. December 18, 2030

That aside, hopefully this information will help you make the right decision for your business as to when you should start your franchise marketing campaign.

The best answer we can give is:

When you feel confident that your business is in the best place possible to follow through with the marketing and lead generation efforts you put in place, then you know you are ready to start.

Here are four questions you need to ask yourself about your business to determine that answer:

Do You Have a Consistent Brand Identity?

Logo? Check. Mission statement? Check. Website? Check. You should be good to go… right? Not necessarily. Yes, you need all these items to establish your brand identity. But you also need to develop clear directives for your franchise locations to follow in order to stay consistent with the brand identity you’ve already established. When you start onboarding, you need these materials to be ready to go. If you don’t have them yet, make sure you do before you start marketing.

Do You Have Informative Social Media Channels?

Not all social media channels are necessary or appropriate, so you should determine what is right for you and your business. Facebook and LinkedIn make a lot of sense for the franchise development space. You don’t want your social media channels to appear stark or empty when someone visits them. No one feels comfortable when they come across a ghost town. Make sure you post on a regular basis with relevant, informative content that will strengthen the confidence in your brand. This is also a suitable place to advertise for your franchise opportunities, so ensuring they maintain a robust presence is only to your benefit.

Does Your Website Feature Strong Content?

Whether you have an entire website dedicated to the franchise side of your business, or a specific landing page attached to your current website, you need relevant, informative content.

  • Tell your story with a strong “About Us” or “Our Story” page
  • Highlight success stories from previous franchisees if you have them
  • Inform about the cost of the investment and opportunities for financing
  • Feature a blog that you maintain regularly with information your potential and current franchisees want to read

Top it all off with a website form that your leads can fill out to request more information and get the ball rolling. This all needs to be in place before you start the marketing process.

Can You Properly Support Your Franchisees?

We alluded to this earlier when we discussed brand identity but allow us to elaborate. Part of the way you get a new franchisee to sign on the dotted line is by offering training and support to set them up for success. Their success is your success. When those leads come in, you need to be prepared to follow through. Guidelines on brand identity, training materials, technology support, ongoing training opportunities, and their marketing efforts are all examples of what you need to have in place so you can provide for your new franchisees.

Now let’s recap the dates mentioned at the beginning. These dates could be milestones for your business.

March 2, 2023: The date your branding is established

June 13, 2025: You now have 10 franchisees

December 18, 2030: You’ve reached an all-time high in profits

Enspire for Enterprise specializes in franchise marketing to help businesses like yours expand. Get in touch with us to learn more about our approach and how we can help.

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