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Copywriting Services in the Rise of AI

An extended hand with the letters Ai floating above that resembles a microchip with ChatGPT in a thought bubble to the right.

The internet has become saturated with content overload.

The prominence of chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard makes it easier than ever to churn out large quantities of content. In fact, according to research conducted by Neil Patel, 4.6 pieces of content are created and published daily.

So, this begs the question: are copywriting services even relevant?

The short answer is yes. And I am not simply saying that as a biased copywriter.

Copywriting services from creative, knowledgeable, and skilled copywriters are more important than ever.

It’s easy to crank out mass quantities of content. It’s not easy to create GREAT content. The challenge is to make sure that the content we create stands out and delivers the information that your audience is looking for in a unique way.

Why Copywriting Services Matter More Than Ever

You may remember the actor Haley Joel Osment as the precocious child who could see dead people in the Sixth Sense. But I will never forget his role as a hyper-realistic robot in the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which came out a few years later. The scene when his human counterpart forces him to eat real spinach and his face begins to melt off will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Anytime I hear or read the letters AI, that scene immediately comes to mind, and these days that image pops into my head more and more frequently because AI is the talk of the town.


Artificial intelligence.

So often AI exists as the focus of dystopian novels and movies set in the future, like the Spielberg flick mentioned above. Terminator, Westworld, Her, I, Robot, Klara and the Sun—we can’t get enough of this type of content.

But the dawn of AI does not take place in a dystopian future.

The dawn of AI took place decades ago and we currently reside smack dab in the midst of its evolution.

There are, of course, our good friends Roomba, Siri, Bixby, and Alexa. (I always say please and thank you when I ask Alexa for anything, largely thanks to the movies and books I have consumed that seek to humanize AI or that showcase an uprising that destroys humanity).

And now we have the chatbots.

As a writer, the presence of chatbots like ChatGPT, Google Bard, ChatSonic, YouChat, etc., felt a little scary at first.

Just like the Industrial Revolution brought about factories and assembly lines, this is a new technology that results in mass production. Am I going to be replaced by a machine?

While the presence of chatbots makes it possible to put out an overwhelming amount of content—as I mentioned before—there is a difference between mediocre content and great content.

We certainly can’t predict the future, but we do have the ability to influence the outcome. And for now, I stand by the statement above that copywriting services matter more than ever.

It Takes A Skilled Copywriter To:

  • Create Content That Users Trust: One element of great content that should not be overlooked is the ability to present your business as a subject matter expert. You need to make sure that your readers can trust that you have the answers and information they seek.
  • Understand Your Local Audience: Think about what your customer or client wants to read. What is their ideal tone and style? What are their pain points? With this information, it is possible to create a personalized content journey.
  • Provide Answers and Solve Your Audiences’ Problems: Through keyword research, market research, and other methods, your business can discover what information your audience is looking for and what content they really want to read. Through this information, it is possible to make sure that the content provides true value for your audience. And value does not mean the number of pieces published or the word length of a blog post. Value equates to making an impact through relevant information.
  • Leverage Chatbots as a Helpful Tool, Not a Crutch: Artificial intelligence should not be something we fear and it should not be something we abuse. A skilled copywriter can use a chatbot lie ChatGPT as a tool to bolster our creativity, not stifle it. It can help reduce writer’s block, speed up research, or enable us to compare tone and style. But it has limits that deserve to be recognized.

For now, we don’t need to worry about an AI uprising within a dark, hopeless dystopia. The presence of chatbots exists as a helpful tool and when we use it as such, your copywriting services only benefit and flourish. There is no replacement for human creativity, but there is the opportunity for enhancement, and that is worthwhile.

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