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Solve The Mystery of Copywriting for Franchises

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“Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it.”

– Agatha Christie

Some of the most popular and accessible forms of literature are whodunits or mystery novels. Agatha Christie is the queen of them all, and she perfected the form of delivering clues and red herrings throughout the story while holding off until the end to reveal the truth.

Writing whodunits and copywriting for franchises work differently, but they have one fundamental commonality: they both rely on a formula.

Once you unlock the formula for writing content for your franchise, you can scale that across all your locations, add localized details, and present a coherent brand message.

Like a mystery novel, there is a form you can and should adopt across your franchise locations.

Like a mystery novel, you want to captivate your audience’s attention from the very beginning and keep them interested.

Like a mystery novel, you want to solve their problem.

Like a mystery novel, you want your audience to draw their own conclusions but unlike a mystery novel, you don’t want to stump them. You want your audience to feel confident recognizing your business as their solution.

Here is some good advice that’s worth taking:

Clue Your Reader into Your Benefits Immediately

Copywriting for franchises should be clear, concise, and engaging.

This is no time to bury the lead.

Let your audience know what you will do for them and what sets you apart. Consumers are innately self-centered, as they should be. They instantly want to know why and how choosing a specific service or product will directly benefit them. This matters regardless of where someone is in the sales funnel—from just looking to being ready to purchase.

Always place your potential customers’ needs first and emphasize your unique benefits from the beginning.

Leverage Social Proof

You’ve probably heard “confident, not cocky” on several occasions. It rings true and should be your mantra when writing about your business. You know you’re great and want your audience to know too. However, while it’s ok for your audience to focus on their own self-interest, you don’t want to come across as obnoxiously arrogant.

Rely on the “show don’t tell” method. One of the ways to achieve this is by letting your already satisfied customers do the talking for you. Help your audience draw their own conclusions about your business by prominently including reviews, customer testimonials, and success stories throughout your website.

Always Include a CTA

Every murder mystery contains a denouement—the finale, the climax, the big reveal. The detective gathers all the suspects in a room and picks them off one by one, examining their motives and alibis before unmasking the perpetrator.

In copywriting, your CTA, or call to action, is the denouement. It’s a little less dramatic but just as direct. It’s the final piece of the puzzle that motivates your audience. Instead of revealing a murderer, the CTA reveals a solution. And the story does not end here. If you’ve done your job right, the mystery is solved for your reader because they are ready to become your customer.

You may not have the time, skills, or desire to write content for your website. That’s ok. Enspire for Enterprise offers copywriting for franchises that sets you up for success. Contact us to learn more!

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