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How to Engage with Your Customers with Franchise Social Media

Engage with Your Customers with Franchise Social Media

With more than 2.85 million users worldwide, Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses to use to reach potential customers online. Every business should have a Facebook page, but just having the page is not enough. An effective franchise social media campaign also includes paid Facebook ads, regularly posting about the business, engaging with page followers, and more. Here are some tips for ensuring your business is making the most of your social media marketing campaign:

1. Create ads that target the right people: Facebook offers a very robust selection of targeting options for paid advertisements, from the simple options such as gender, age, and location, to more specific options such as interests and behavior. Custom audiences and lookalike audiences can even be created using the Facebook Pixel which tracks website visitors or an existing set of contacts from an email distribution list. By using these targeting options to reach the potential customers who matter to you, you can gain followers for your Facebook page, engage with those followers, and eventually even convert many of them into customers.

2. Respond to comments and reviews: Facebook and other social media platforms should not be a place for one-sided conversations. When your followers engage with your business on social media by commenting on posts or leaving reviews, make sure you are responding to them. Even something as simple as responding to a comment with a relevant emoji or thanking someone for leaving a review can help to build trust and respect for your business.

3. Encourage customers to interact with your business: The more people engage with your business on social media, the more they will build confidence in your brand, and the more that other people will also see your business. Ask followers to post photos of your services or products and tag your business, share the photos that they send you or tag you in (with permission!), ask questions that they will want to answer, post polls, and much more. There are so many ways to get people to interact with your business, and the more people who do this, the more other people will see your business and possibly also become followers and subsequently customers as well.

While it does cost money to run Facebook advertisements, a Facebook business page and its posts are free to create, and every business should have one. The social media specialists at Enspire For Enterprise can craft high-quality paid advertisements for your business’s Facebook page that target the right users and help you convert them to customers, along with posts that are informative and encourage engagement.

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