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Understanding Franchise Lead Generation is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Franchise lead generation is not one-size-fits-all.

When it comes to marketing campaigns for your franchise’s specific locations, some franchisors make the mistake of thinking that they can create the same campaign for each location and call it a day. However, franchisees can be located all over the country, the continent, or even the globe. With locations in areas that can vary widely when it comes to population, culture, the specific needs of people in each region, and more, it makes sense that lead generation strategies should be just as unique as the area of the world that they are targeting.

We Customize Each Franchise Location’s Lead Generation Strategy

When you enlist Enspire for Enterprise to help with your franchise’s digital marketing strategies, you can trust that we have a thorough understanding of the unique needs that multi-location businesses and their franchisees have and that we know how to implement effective digital marketing campaigns to meet those needs. Our focus on the franchise lead generation needs of each specific location includes:

  • Location-targeted keyword strategies: We focus on the most lucrative keywords in the most advantageous service areas for each franchise location each month. This ensures that the SEO budget is being used as efficiently as possible getting each franchise location the most value for their money.
  • Keyword strategies based on each franchise location’s specific services: Based on where a franchise is located and the type of customers that they serve, each location’s services may vary. Taking this into account, keyword strategies are built around the specific services that each location provides This means that the potential customers who are most relevant to that franchise’s area will be finding them online when they perform a relevant keyword search.
  • Adjustments can be made on the location level: When advertising campaigns are designed to be one-size-fits-all, adjustments can’t be made based on the performance or needs of specific locations. Because Enspire for Enterprise designs our franchise lead generation campaigns to be unique from location to location, that also means that we can make adjustments based on the specific performance of each location. Here are some instances where we would adjust our strategy for the best success:
  1. Certain keyword is performing better in a certain area
  2. Website visitors aren’t responding to a particular location’s website
  3. Paid social advertisement isn’t resonating with a particular area

Count On Enspire for Customized Lead Generation for all of Your Locations 

Count on Enspire for Enterprise for franchise advertising services that are customized to each specific location of your franchise business. We specialize in providing franchise lead generation for multi-location businesses, and look forward to showing you how we can help your business too. 

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