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How to Set Realistic Goals for Organic Marketing

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Goals are crucial for growth in all aspects of life. If you want to lose weight, you may set a goal to exercise once a day and incorporate healthy meals into your diet. If you want to increase website traffic and make conversions organically, you may want to set a goal of creating a better SEO strategy, increasing the quality of your content, and doing a website refresh. At Enspire for Enterprise, we create customizable strategies to increase rankings for SEO for franchises.

A few ways to set realistic goals for your organic marketing ventures include:


By doing keyword research, you can find high-volume search terms associated with your industry and location to target an audience within your area. Using location-based search terms also increases the likelihood of organic traffic. You should be looking at the SERPs, or search engine results pages, for the keywords you are targeting for your site to assess how well you are ranking on Google. If you’re able to provide the most relevant results to an inquiry typed into Google, your website is likely to appear as one of the first search results, increasing your chances for organic traffic.

Website refresh:

If your website hasn’t seen much traction, is poorly designed, or hasn’t been fully built out, take the time to do a refresh. During this task, the main goal is to enhance user experience and update existing content to incorporate SEO-rich terms. As far as UX/UI, you want to create an intuitive website that is simple and effective for a user to navigate, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Keep your brand identity strong on your website to stand out, but ensure your website doesn’t look too complicated to browse.

High-quality blogs:

Blogging is about sharing crucial information about your company or the industry it’s in, providing answers to common questions about your industry, and overall, helping internet users find your company. In addition to incorporating SEO-rich terms into your business’s blog, you want to provide actionable advice and solutions to a problem involving your industry. High-quality blogs offer readers a unique perspective while also providing data and statistics to increase trust between a business and its potential customers.

At Enspire for Enterprise, we have seasoned copywriters who are experts at creating engaging content centered around businesses in all industries. Our knowledge of keyword research and selection, writing engaging content, and backlinking can increase awareness and conversions for your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you set realistic marketing goals organically with SEO for franchises.

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