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Targeting Your Customers with Social Media Ads

A picture of a woman on a laptop with a digital drawing in front with connecting lines of people outlined in bubbles.

Social media platforms create a huge opportunity for people to grow their brands and business. By sharing crucial information about your business relevant to its industry, you can educate a wide audience on the story behind your business and how your specific business stands out from the crowd. Additionally, social media allows customers to share their experiences working with your company in the form of reviews. This creates a showcase for potential customers to see through the lens of other people’s experiences with your business. Social media platforms also offer a keyway of ensuring your business does get noticed, and that is where social media advertising comes in.  

The best way to ensure your business and its mission is shared and seen throughout social media is by creating social media ads. Targeting your customers is easy when you have Enspire for Enterprise on your side. We deliver high-value conversions by creating high-quality social media campaigns for your business. Increase brand awareness and let the customers come to you with the exposure social media provides in the advertising world.  

Whether you have a small business, a medium business, a multi-location business, or a franchise, Enspire for Enterprise can help you discover the best approach to social media advertising. For example, the platform best for your business’s social media advertising efforts may be different from others depending on location, size, and industry, along with other factors. Let’s compare the difference between advertising on Facebook vs. LinkedIn.  

Facebook Advertising: 

  • Is generally more connective and personal than LinkedIn 
  • Grants the ability to create a very specific target audience based on a range of factors 
  • Beneficial for small and medium businesses 

LinkedIn Advertising: 

  • Is more business-oriented 
  • Can create more business opportunities and expansion of your brand 
  • Beneficial for franchises and multi-location businesses 

Additionally, social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are used by a younger audience, which is something to consider when discovering who your audience is.  The virality these platforms provide can be especially helpful for small businesses, specifically those that have products or services to sell.

Trust in Enspire for Enterprise to guide you through your business’s journey within the social media sphere with high-quality social media advertising. Convert website visitors into customers with impressive content provided by our skilled marketing teams, and accurately conveyed depictions of your business with help from our expert copywriters. Visit us online today to learn more about our social media marketing services and small, medium, multi-location, or franchise social media advertising.