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Engaging Your Target Audience on Social Media

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Social media remains an effective method of advertising and should be part of every brand’s digital marketing strategy. Franchise social media marketing will ensure your franchise can continue to grow brand impressions, capture leads, and drive conversions. To effectively engage your target audience on social media, your franchise should:

1. Choose your ideal platform(s): Some social media platforms are more appropriate for particular audiences than others. LinkedIn will typically be best for a business-to-business company, while Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok will be more suited for a lifestyle brand such as clothing, home décor, or beauty products. While some businesses may be wise to advertise across all platforms, don’t stretch yourself thin by advertising on a platform that your intended audience isn’t primarily on.

2. Define your audience: What does the audience that you want to reach look like? Social media platforms allow you to choose your audience based on geographical location, age, interests, and more. You want to specify who your audience is so that you don’t waste your marketing budget on advertising to irrelevant people.

3. Write strong copy: Capture your audience’s attention with a strong lead and keep them with captivating copy. Describe your product or service with strong adjectives, describe why your audience should want it, and close out with a call to action.

4. Create engaging content: Your content will vary depending on the platform you are advertising on, the products or services that you offer, and the audience you are advertising to. Your content should be eye catching, engaging, and encourage the viewer to take an action. This action could be sharing the content with their social media followers, clicking through to a contact form, or making a purchase.

5. Keep your profiles up to date: While content and ad creation are the most important elements of your social media marketing strategy, you should also periodically check that your profiles are up to date. Make sure your profile picture is a current logo or image of your business, double check phone numbers, addresses, and business hours, and make sure any links that appear on your profile are current and correct.

Staying on top of all of the aspects of your social media marketing strategy can be challenging. With digital marketing services from Enspire for Enterprise, you can ensure that your franchise social media marketing is optimized and effective. Contact us to discuss your franchise’s social media marketing needs and to create a unique marketing plan!

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