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Revamp Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2023

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When it comes to procuring customers for the new year, you’ll need a revamped marketing strategy. Using the data from 2022 in your reports, you will have gathered crucial information that can help you move forward with realistic-yet-grand goals. Trust Enspire for Enterprise for high-quality franchise social media marketing services.

Consider Customer Engagement

In the last year, how did your customers respond to your content and marketing strategies? What type of media was the most impactful for your business? Was there an increase in your mailing lists? Wherever you saw little performance, scrap those tactics and incorporate rising marketing strategies such as video-based content. Video content is sweeping social spheres since it captures the attention of the viewer much more than static posts. Use this to your advantage with clever videos while also integrating trends to boost your chances of exposure and conversions.

Create Interactive Content

People online tend to participate in interactive content that asks something of them. Integrate polls, Q&As, or interactive infographics to draw in more potential customers to your business. This will not only engage your prospects, but also allows them to spend more time learning about your business or industry. With more time spent interacting with your posts, they may feel motivated to learn more by visiting your website or inquiring about your products or services.

Emphasize Your Commitment to Social Responsibility

Not only are potential customers actively looking for businesses that endorse their social responsibility, but they also look for businesses that promote values that align with their own. While there are many social responsibilities that potential customers take into account, you should highlight the specific efforts of your company. Some examples include highlighting donations your company has made, directing a portion of your profits to charity, utilizing recyclable packaging or eco-friendly products, advocating for social justice, and more.

Go Back to Basics

E-mail marketing is still an effective marketing tool and is also one of the most cost-effective. As one of the only methods of digital marketing outside of social media, e-mail marketing is a proven way to reach potential customers and continue growing current customer relationships. Amp up your e-mail marketing strategy with eye-catching subject lines, using (but not overusing) emojis, a conversational tone, and overall good content.

When it comes to franchise social media marketing, you can count on Enspire for Enterprise for quality content and customizable solutions tailored to your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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