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To Respond or Not Respond to Reviews

A picture of a person in a blue button-down with a five-star review above a tablet.

Google Business Profiles are standard to have as a business owner. Your profile not only allows your company to appear with a simple Google search but also provides you with many opportunities to expand your visibility. With this Google Business Profile, you can redirect potential customers to your website, provide a phone number,  directions on a map, and for your products and services to be reviewed and rated. With these reviews, it’s crucial to engage with your customers by responding to both happy customers and not-as-happy customers.

In this technological world, increasing your company’s reach and visibility online is key to gaining brand awareness and customers. When it comes to your Google Business Profile, your SEO performance is determined by the use of rich keywords relevant to your industry and geographical location. This practice extends into your response to Google reviews. When you receive a positive review from a customer, you want to draft a response that addresses the customer by name (if provided in the review) and affirms their experience. With these responses, ensure you are using high-volume search terms that describe your company and the products/services it offers.

Additionally, you may receive a negative review at some point. Don’t fret, this doesn’t mean your ratings will go down. However, your response to these reviews is extremely important to both the customer who left the response, as well as potential customers scrolling through your Google Business Profile. It can feel upsetting to receive a negative review, but it is the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. By providing a response, you are showing potential customers that you put patrons first, even the ones who aren’t as pleased. Again, remember to personalize this response to the issue described in the review, while also including keywords to boost SEO.

Keep customers and potential customers engaged in what your business has to offer by including upcoming activities for your business if applicable. For example, if you’re hosting an event, respond to a review with the information and extend your invitation for them to attend! This will also let potential customers know of your event, increasing your chances of conversion.

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