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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Franchise?

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Social media continuously proves to be the best place to digitally interact with people from all over the world. Recently, social media giants have optimized their platforms to help franchises and multi-location businesses generate targeted ads and create a space for online users to become customers. Get your franchise on social media and spread awareness for your brand. When it comes to choosing the best social media platform for your franchise, consider your industry as the number one determining factor in finding your place on social media.

Restaurants: Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

The saying used to be “your eyes eat first” but with the increase in social media use, now you may hear “the phone eats first,” and for good reason. People can’t start eating until they’ve snapped a picture or video and posted it. Presentation and plating are everything. Creating aesthetic posts for your restaurant franchise can drive potential customers to your business. Additionally, utilizing Instagram and TikTok for your restaurant franchise provides you with marketing data and analytics to understand what posts do well with your consumers and which posts don’t do as well. Twitter is used by large restaurant franchises to communicate and relate directly with potential customers. If your company is one to participate in relatable online banter, Twitter could help draw in a large crowd to your franchise.

Hospitality and healthcare: Facebook and TikTok

Facebook features unique marketing software to target your ideal audience with specified interests, locations, and more. This means you can share information about your industry, testimonials for your brand, and other advertisements with potential customers around your franchise location who may benefit greatly from your services. TikTok, a video-sharing social media platform, allows for more creativity and trendy, relatable-themed posts to introduce your franchise to a large crowd. With just a few minutes of scrolling on TikTok, you can find new trends to put your personal spin on and quickly gain brand awareness.

Human resources: LinkedIn

As a B2B industry, human resources franchises do well with sharing crucial information and testimonials on LinkedIn, a professional social media platform. Businesses need human resources and LinkedIn allows for great networking opportunities to reach your audience and connect on how your HR franchise can help.

Retail: Instagram and TikTok

For franchises in the clothing industry, there is plenty of help on Instagram and TikTok for sharing visual stills and videos of the apparel you have to offer. These platforms feature streamlined advertising services that help push your videos and photos to a targeted audience. From here, you’ll see conversions to your website and plenty of growth for your business.

To learn more about which social media platforms your franchise should start posting to, contact Enspire for Enterprise today.

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