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Why it is Vital to Have the Correct Information on All Local Listings

An image of a finger pointing to a search engine.

Local listings are the current virtual and updated concept of your phone directory book By consistently updating the information and availability of businesses that provide products or services within a specific geographical region, local listings have the ability to put companies on accessible search engines, such as Google. The most commonly used way of finding businesses within a certain vicinity is through a Google search. A potential customer will attempt to search for “(this kind of business) near me.” A few examples of these search terms could look like this:

  • “Hair salon near me”
  • “Seafood restaurant near me”
  • “Real estate agents near me”

Keeping your information up-to-date is vital for converting customers. Not only is the information about your business available on Google, but is also tied to the social media accounts your business has, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. If your business includes inaccurate information, you will likely lose the ability to gain customers. Phone number changes, new locations, or online domain name changes can impact your chances of introducing new customers to your company. This inaccurate information can also make you lose even existing customers. Local listing management services from Enspire for EnterpriseTM can increase the visibility of your business’s online presence and grow your brand.

Having your business information on as many platforms as possible will drive up your rankings on big search engines like Google, which is where many people begin their search. Most people will choose to visit a business that provides in-depth information online about what they do, as well as how well they are reviewed. Responding to reviews is also a key element in managing your local listings. Above all, you must keep your business information up-to-date and accurate while also including relevant keywords so your business is easily discoverable.

With the Local Listings Management service from Enspire for Enterprise, you can ensure your business information is complete, accurate, consistent across all platforms, and in compliance with Google’s best practices. Some benefits of Enspire for Enterprise’s Local Listings Management product include:

  • Google Business Profile Co-Management: We set up your Google Business Profile listing and manage it, ensuring the profile is complete with accurate information, and displays a long business description and service and/or product descriptions. We create regular posts to update customers on company news, specials, events, etc. We will also respond to customer reviews and questions. Enspire manages your listing through Google’s API, a connection that allows us to keep all of your information on Google 100% up-to-date at all times.
  • Ongoing Listings Sync: We actively update your listing with your current business information across search engines, online directories, social media, apps, and data aggregators.
  • Automated Duplicate Deletion: Our automated process for finding duplicate listings identifies, confirms, and deletes duplicate listings so your online visibility isn’t negatively impacted.

Visit Enspire for Enterprise online today to learn more about our Local Listing management services and other SEO packages.