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Three Items You Don’t want to Overlook in Your Google Business Profile Listing

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Claiming and managing your Google Business Profile is an important part of ensuring you are making the most of your company’s online presence. But if you are overlooking parts of your Google Business Profile listings, you could be missing out on important interactions with your current and potential customers, and as a result, be missing out on conversions. Here are three key elements you don’t want to overlook in your Google Business Profile listing:

Contact Information

How many times have you looked up a business on Google to find their phone number or address, only for the listing to have the incorrect information? At the very least, not having the right contact information on your profile can make you hard or impossible to reach. Even worse, if someone attempts to call and can’t reach you or drives out to the wrong address, they have now had a poor experience with your business, and may decide to go elsewhere for the product or service that they need.

Business Information

If someone looks your business up on Google because they need clarification about what you provide or because they are looking for a specific product or service, and they find a blank or incomplete Google Business Profile, it is likely that they are going to move on to the next suggested similar business. Search engine users want to find exactly the information they seek, and quickly. If your company isn’t providing the information that someone is looking for, another company is, and they are going to win the conversion.

Responding to Reviews and Questions

How frustrating is it to send an inquiry to a business, only to never get a response? Failing to respond to reviews or questions provides a poor customer (or potential customer) experience, and can make it seem like your business is no longer open if no one is answering inquiries. Timely responses to reviews and questions help to build confidence and trust in your business, and can even help to drive conversions.

With the Impact Local Listing Marketing service from Enspire for Enterprise™, you can be confident that all of these key items on your Google Business Profile are being managed. Our specialists will set up and optimize your profile, provide regular postings that keep your customers and potential customers informed, and even respond to reviews and questions using guidance that you have provided. Contact us today to learn more about this valuable product that helps you boost your presence on Google!

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